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Our Expertise



Infrastructure: Highways,Urban development ,Irrigation Dams

Superstructure :Residences ,Hotels ,Hospitals ,Business Centres ,Insdustrial Facilities ,Universities and Education Facilities




             With projects, people, and offices in three countries, Ozka has devoloped reach and expertise. Construction regulations and labor laws around the world vary greatly—and we have worked successfully under some of the toughest cities.


              Major construction projects are complex undertakings, often involving dozen of subcontractors and suppliers, thousands of workers, and millions of dollars in material, equipment, and services. Orchestrating such operations demands first-rate construction management―something Ozka has  provided for decades on projects big and small around world.

Making a positive impact


Respect for the local community was among our top concerns. Ozka took full advantage of Algerian expertise, labor, materials, and services. Thinking and acting locally makes good business sense and leaves the region with a legacy of economic growth and a stronger skills base.

Mission and vision


Vision ;

             Our is vision is aimed in providing reliable and quality services in line with the ever changing and developing global conditions, and ranking among the established trademarks both abroad and homeland, and put our signature under remarkable project by making our mark on the civilizations.


Mission ;

             Our mission is to intimately follow up any innovations and developing technologies in all sectors which we operate, and to make all people which we provide service reach to a higher life standard. Within this scope our purpose is to form our corporate structure and services in view of the fact that a sustainable framework is the key principle of achieving success, and thus to hand down our company to next generations.


Values ;


Perfectionism: The business standards of our company adopt the highest quality under any circumstances. The customer satisfaction is the principal condition for our company.


Innovation: All innovations in the sector are reviewed. All works within the initiation and development stages of a project are examined on a regular basis, and innovative solutions are generated.


Safety:“Zero faults” principle has been adopted in our projects in order to minimize the faults considering that it is impossible not to do any fault. Our company places a great importance to the Work Safety and Health. All ÖZKA employees are obliged to comply with the specified Work Safety Standards.


Speed : We have provided planning infrastructures required to finalize our project at the shortest possible time by using the facilities offered by the developing technologies. Our employees are using the necessary planning methods and tools in coordination by also taking into consideration the project plan.


Human Resources :As we believe that the success comes from the human, we place critical importance to the satisfaction of both our company’s employees and our customers. We recognize that it would be the efforts of the people both within our organization and from out of the house activities that carry us to success.


Contributing to the Communities :A company may exist as much as it contributes to the communities in which it operates and as much as it ensures their satisfaction. In line with this thought, we believe that contribution to the inheritance of the communities and work with them in harmony should create a win – win condition.

Quality Policy and Risk Management ;




              According to the bylaws of our company, our quality policy has been developed in accordance with the adopted vision, mission and values. We always ensure highest quality by using the state of the art technology in the science of engineering and management. Among the in-house systems of ÖZKA which have been approved by the British Institute are ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and OHSAS18001:2007 job safety and health. Through the work processes that are reviewed on a continuous basis the best and most up to date implementations are included in the implementation plan, procedures, specifications and main lines of the work design. Faster mobilization and technology development activities aimed to add value and support to the project achievement goals are the principal desire of our company’s employees.


               Our company has set as its goal to adopt the below mentioned policies and implement them in the most efficient way in line with the ISO 9001 Quality Standards. Our purpose is to become able to completely meet the expectations of our clients, and increase the competitive and development power of our company.


-To do planning in order to establish the targets of the management and implement and develop the quality policies, and provide the necessary support in a proper way without making any compromise on the quality understanding.

-To maintain and promote the reputation and respectability of the company; to establish and meet the needs and expectations of the employers and customers in a timely manner.

-To follow up the current scientific and technological developments on a continuous basis in order to increase the quality level. To ensure that the applicable quality standards are constantly improved.

-To conduct cost – efficiency analyses through superior technological properties by using its acquired experience and knowledge in order to offer efficient solutions.

-To ensure that all persons within the organization are aware of their respective duties and responsibilities. In this manner, to perform supervision for the quality controls of the sub-teams and suppliers.

-To create a contributory and open to change environment with all of its employees.

For protection of the natural environment, to plan and implement all proposed works such that an environmental awareness is raised.

To place importance to the health and job safety of the employees. To comply with all applicable laws and regulations in performing any works.


              The social impact and risk management implemented to increase the quality cover the entire cycle from the commencement of the project to its finalization. During this process, a number of phases is implemented to establish, follow up, eliminate and manage those deliverables of the project which have been planned and which have not been planned. The aim is to develop a more fair and sustainable ambiance, and reach to highest quality. To establish a project’s risk management prior to commencing the project provides many advantages in the future phases of the project. The efficient solution of the encountered problems and risk mitigation helps complement the projects in a more effective way. In addition to this, the SWOT analyses performed suggest the weak or practicable spots of a project, and thereby offer concrete alternatives.



Historical Background


           The contracting and engineering services which have started as a personal company in 1986 by two civil engineers, namely Osman Nuri Kaysı and Halil Orhan Özbay who were the classmates in the university have put into service many projects both with a private and public scope abroad and on a domestic scale in the name of Özka İnşaat Taahhüt Pazarlama Sanayi ve ticaret AŞ (Özka Construction Contracting Marketing Industries and Trade Company Limited) since 1989.


           The company has never made any compromises for its honesty, quality and goal for continuously following up the technological developments, and besides the construction sector as its core business activities it has also participated in tourism sector, industries and production fields.


           It is our main principle to follow up and implement any and all developments and innovations in order to be able to have a voice in the fields of both infrastructure and superstructure constructions by preserving the quality and corporate confidence in the 21st century.

Our Expertise
Making a positive impact
Mission and Vision
Quality Policy and Risk Management
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